2023 Clinical ART Guidelines

The 2023 Clinical ART Guidelines provide all the necessary information when treating children and adolescents living with HIV.   National ART Clinical Guideline 2023_04_28 signed

Advanced HIV Disease (AHD) in Children

Advanced HIV disease in children must be addressed.  Below is an informative technical document that provides a good explanation of AHD in children and proposed interventions. AHD _ Care package children

TB LAM guidelines 2021

TB still plagues our country and the TB LAM guideline will help to support healthcare workers diagnosing TB. TB LAM Guidelines – 08 Feb 2021    

Adult DRV/r 400/500 mg tablets – Frequently Asked Questions

Understandably many adults on HIV treatment have questions. Below is a very helpful resource for healthcare workers if they want to know what kind of information is needed is needed to help thier patients. Adult DRVr 400_500 mg tablets Frequently Asked Questions